2013-14 Master Schedule
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DayTimeSport Opponent
234:00PMMen's SoccervsWestern Texas College
237:00PMWomen's SoccervsColorado State University
 John Walker Soccer Complex (Texas Tech University)
254:00PMWomen's SoccervsWestern Texas College
284:00PMMen's SocceratHardin-Simmons
52:00PMWomen's SoccervsUniversity of the Southwest
54:00PMMen's SoccervsUniversity of the Southwest
611:00AMWomen's VolleyballatUniversity of Colorado-Colorado Springs
 Lady Buff Classic (hosted by West Texas A&M)
63:30PMWomen's VolleyballatIncarnate Word University
 Lady Buff Classic (hosted by West Texas A&M)
7 Men's Cross CountryBill Libby Invitational (hosted by McMurry University)
7 Women's Cross CountryBill Libby Invitational (hosted by McMurry University)
711:00AMWomen's SoccervsHuston-Tillotson University
71:00PMWomen's VolleyballatWest Texas A&M
 Lady Buff Classic (hosted by West Texas A&M)
75:30PMWomen's VolleyballatWestern State Colorado University
 Lady Buff Classic (hosted by West Texas A&M)
102:00PMWomen's SoccervsWayland Baptist University
104:00PMMen's SoccervsWayland Baptist University
114:00PMWomen's VolleyballvsTexas A&M International University
127:00PMWomen's VolleyballvsSt. Mary's University
13 Men's Cross CountryTexas Tech Invitational (hosted by Texas Tech University)
1311:00AMWomen's VolleyballvsTexas A&M-Kingsville
 Heartland/Lonestar Crossover
135:00PMWomen's Cross CountryTexas Tech Invitational (hosted by Texas Tech University)
137:00PMWomen's VolleyballvsTexas A&M-Commerce
 Heartland/Lonestar Crossover
1412:00PMMen's SoccervsHuston-Tillotson University
143:00PMWomen's VolleyballvsMidwestern State
 Heartland/Lonestar Crossover
167:00PMMen's SocceratWest Texas A&M
17 Men's GolfRyan Palmer Foundation Invitational
17 Women's GolfOCU Susie Maxwell Burning Classic (hosted by Oklahoma City University)
177:00PMWomen's SocceratWest Texas A&M
197:00PMWomen's VolleyballatPanhandle State University
2112:00PMWomen's SocceratTexas Wesleyan University
2112:00PMWomen's VolleyballatNewman University
212:00PMMen's SocceratTexas Wesleyan University
233:30PMMen's SoccervsUniversity of Texas of the Permian Basin
244:00PMWomen's SoccervsNorthwestern Oklahoma State University
263:30PMWomen's SoccervsUniversity of Texas of the Permian Basin
267:00PMWomen's VolleyballvsArkansas-Fort Smith
28 Men's Cross CountryCowboy Jamboree (hosted by Oklahoma State University)
28 Women's Cross CountryCowboy Jamboree (hosted by Oklahoma State University)
2812:00PMWomen's VolleyballvsDallas Baptist University
281:00PMMen's SocceratDallas Christian College
1 Men's GolfMustang Fall Invitational
18:00PMWomen's VolleyballatEastern New Mexico
32:00PMMen's SocceratEastern New Mexico
34:30PMWomen's SocceratEastern New Mexico
37:00PMWomen's VolleyballvsUniversity of Texas of the Permian Basin
5 Men's Cross CountryChili Pepper Invitational (hosted by University of Arkansas)
510:15AMWomen's Cross CountryChili Pepper Invitational (hosted by University of Arkansas)
712:00PMMen's SocceratUniversity of Texas of the Permian Basin
72:30PMWomen's SocceratUniversity of Texas of the Permian Basin
8 Women's GolfWest Texas A&M Lady Buff Fall Classic (hosted by West Texas A&M University)
107:00PMWomen's VolleyballatMcMurry University
12 Men's Cross CountryCardinal Invitational (hosted by University of The Incarnate Word)
12 Women's Cross CountryCardinal Invitational (hosted by University of The Incarnate Word)
1212:00PMMen's SoccervsSt. Mary's University
1212:00PMWomen's VolleyballatSt. Edward's
122:30PMWomen's SoccervsSt. Mary's University
1411:00AMMen's SoccervsTexas A&M International University
 Frenship High School
141:00PMWomen's SoccervsTexas A&M International University
 Frenship High School
15 Men's Golf2013 Territory Classic
177:00PMWomen's VolleyballatTexas A&M International University
1912:00PMWomen's VolleyballatSt. Mary's University
195:00PMMen's SocceratNewman University
197:30PMWomen's SocceratNewman University
2112:00PMMen's SocceratRogers State University
212:30PMWomen's SocceratRogers State University
22 Men's GolfBruce Williams Memorial Tournament
247:00PMWomen's VolleyballvsNewman University
26 Men's Cross CountryHeartland Conference Cross Country Meet (hosted by Dallas Baptist)
26 Women's Cross CountryHeartland Conference Cross Country Meet (hosted by Dallas Baptist)
2612:00PMMen's SocceratMcMurry University
2612:00PMWomen's VolleyballvsPanhandle State University
262:30PMWomen's SocceratMcMurry University
262:30PMWomen's VolleyballvsWiley College
28 Women's GolfUniversity of Hawaii at Hilo-Dennis Rose Intercollegiate (hosted by University of Hawaii at Hilo
2812:00PMMen's SocceratSt. Edward's
282:30PMWomen's SocceratSt. Edward's
317:00PMWomen's VolleyballatDallas Baptist University
212:00PMMen's SoccervsDallas Baptist University
212:00PMWomen's VolleyballatArkansas-Fort Smith
22:00PMWomen's BasketballatUniversity of Houston
22:30PMWomen's SoccervsDallas Baptist University
412:00PMMen's SoccervsOklahoma Christian University
42:30PMWomen's SoccervsOklahoma Christian University
57:00PMWomen's VolleyballvsEastern New Mexico
73:00PMMen's SoccervsEastern New Mexico
77:00PMWomen's BasketballvsTexas College
77:00PMWomen's VolleyballatUniversity of Texas of the Permian Basin
126:30PMWomen's VolleyballvsWest Texas A&M
128:30PMWomen's BasketballvsEastern New Mexico
147:00PMWomen's VolleyballvsSt. Edward's
1512:00PMWomen's BasketballatTexas Woman's University
 Tarleton State University
157:00PMMen's BasketballvsOpen Bible College
1612:00PMWomen's VolleyballvsMcMurry University
165:00PMWomen's BasketballatTarleton State University
197:00PMMen's BasketballvsEastern New Mexico
215:30PMWomen's BasketballvsPanhandle State University
217:30PMMen's BasketballvsUniversity of the Southwest
231:00PMWomen's BasketballvsNewman University
268:00PMMen's BasketballatEastern New Mexico
 Clovis High School
287:00PMWomen's BasketballatBYU-Hawaii
 Oahu Classic (McKinley High School Gym)
292:00PMMen's BasketballvsEcclesia College
2911:00PMWomen's BasketballatHawaii Pacific
 Oahu Classic (McKinley High School Gym)
61:00PMWomen's BasketballatArkansas-Fort Smith
71:00PMWomen's BasketballatRogers State University
127:00PMMen's BasketballatDallas Baptist University
141:00PMWomen's BasketballatOklahoma Christian University
143:00PMMen's BasketballatOklahoma Christian University
25:30PMWomen's BasketballvsSt. Mary's University
27:30PMMen's BasketballvsSt. Mary's University
41:00PMWomen's BasketballvsTexas A&M International University
43:00PMMen's BasketballvsTexas A&M International University
67:00PMMen's BasketballvsArlington Baptist College
67:30PMWomen's BasketballatEastern New Mexico
111:00PMWomen's BasketballatUniversity of Texas of the Permian Basin
113:00PMMen's BasketballatUniversity of Texas of the Permian Basin
165:30PMWomen's BasketballatSt. Edward's
167:30PMMen's BasketballatSt. Edward's
181:00PMWomen's BasketballatMcMurry University
183:00PMMen's BasketballatMcMurry University
235:30PMWomen's BasketballatNewman University
237:30PMMen's BasketballatNewman University
251:00PMWomen's BasketballatPanhandle State University
253:00PMMen's BasketballatPanhandle State University
305:30PMWomen's BasketballvsRogers State University
307:30PMMen's BasketballvsRogers State University
110:30AMBaseballvsAdams State University
112:00PMSoftballvsColorado Christian
1Game 2BaseballvsAdams State University
11:00PMWomen's BasketballvsArkansas-Fort Smith
1Game 2SoftballvsColorado Christian
12:30PMBaseballvsAdams State University
13:00PMMen's BasketballvsArkansas-Fort Smith
14:00PMSoftballvsColorado Christian
21:00PMSoftballvsColorado Christian
67:00PMMen's BasketballvsDallas Baptist University
73:00PMSoftballvsNorthwood University
81:00PMWomen's BasketballvsOklahoma Christian University
81:00PMSoftballvsEastern New Mexico
8Game 2SoftballvsEastern New Mexico
83:00PMMen's BasketballvsOklahoma Christian University
912:00PMBaseballatNew Mexico Highlands University
91:00PMSoftballatEastern New Mexico
9Game 2SoftballvsEastern New Mexico
9Game 2BaseballatNew Mexico Highlands University
102:00PMBaseballatNew Mexico Highlands University
135:30PMWomen's BasketballatTexas A&M International University
137:30PMMen's BasketballatTexas A&M International University
142:00PMSoftballatSt. Mary's University
14Game 2SoftballatSt. Mary's University
143:00PMBaseballvsAngelo State University
1511:00AMSoftballatSt. Mary's University
151:00PMWomen's BasketballatSt. Mary's University
152:00PMBaseballvsAngelo State University
153:00PMMen's BasketballatSt. Mary's University
162:00PMBaseballvsAngelo State University
18 Men's GolfSan Antonio Shootout (hosted by St. Mary's University)
18 Women's GolfLady Rattler Invitational (Hosted by St. Mary's)
181:00PMSoftballvsAbilene Christian
182:00PMBaseballatWayland Baptist University
183:00PMSoftballvsWestern New Mexico University
191:00PMSoftballvsWestern New Mexico University
19Game 2SoftballvsWestern New Mexico University
211:00PMBaseballvsTexas A&M International University
211:00PMSoftballvsUniversity of the Southwest
21Game 2BaseballvsTexas A&M International University
213:00PMSoftballvsNorthwood University
2211:00AMSoftballvsNorthwood University
221:00PMWomen's BasketballvsUniversity of Texas of the Permian Basin
221:00PMBaseballvsTexas A&M International University
223:00PMMen's BasketballvsUniversity of Texas of the Permian Basin
223:00PMSoftballvsUniversity of the Southwest
25 Women's GolfSt. Edwards Women's Golf Spring Invitational (Hosted by St. Edwards)
253:00PMBaseballvsUniversity of the Southwest
257:00PMMen's BasketballatTarleton State University
272:00PMBaseballatNewman University
27Game 2BaseballatNewman University
275:30PMWomen's BasketballvsMcMurry University
277:30PMMen's BasketballvsMcMurry University
282:00PMBaseballatNewman University
282:00PMSoftballvsRogers State University
28Game 2SoftballvsRogers State University
112:00PMSoftballvsRogers State University
11:00PMWomen's BasketballvsSt. Edward's
13:00PMMen's BasketballvsSt. Edward's
4 Men's GolfSt. Edward's Invitational
42:00PMSoftballatUniversity of the Southwest
4Game 2SoftballatUniversity of the Southwest
46:00PMBaseballvsUniversity of the Southwest
 Security Bank Ballpark
71:00PMBaseballvsPanhandle State University
71:00PMSoftballvsNewman University
7Game 2BaseballvsPanhandle State University
7Game 2SoftballvsNewman University
81:00PMBaseballvsPanhandle State University
82:00PMSoftballvsNewman University
11 Women's GolfTexoma Chevy Dealers Lion Intercollegiate (Hosted by Texas A&M Commerce)
131:00PMSoftballvsOklahoma Christian University
13Game 2SoftballvsOklahoma Christian University
1412:00PMSoftballvsOklahoma Christian University
141:30PMBaseballatSt. Edward's
14Game 2BaseballatSt. Edward's
151:00PMBaseballatSt. Edward's
17Game 2SoftballatBYU-Hawaii
18 Men's GolfEagle Invitational
186:00PMSoftballatHawaii Pacific
18Game 2SoftballatHawaii Pacific
20Game 2SoftballatChaminade University
209:30PMSoftballatChaminade University
213:00PMBaseballatMcMurry University
21Game 2BaseballatMcMurry University
221:00PMBaseballatMcMurry University
252:00PMBaseballvsWayland Baptist University
25Game 2BaseballvsWayland Baptist University
281:00PMBaseballvsSt. Mary's University
28Game 2BaseballvsSt. Mary's University
283:30PMSoftballatSt. Edward's
2912:00PMSoftballatSt. Edward's
291:00PMBaseballvsSt. Mary's University
29Game 2SoftballatSt. Edward's
1 Women's GolfSouthwest Classic (Hosted by Dallas Baptist)
12:00PMSoftballvsWest Texas A&M
1Game 2SoftballvsWest Texas A&M
41:00PMSoftballvsTexas A&M International University
42:00PMBaseballatRogers State University
4Game 2SoftballvsTexas A&M International University
4Game 2BaseballatRogers State University
511:00AMSoftballvsTexas A&M International University
51:00PMBaseballatRogers State University
8 Men's GolfDallas Baptist Golf Classic
83:00PMSoftballatWest Texas A&M
84:00PMBaseballatEastern New Mexico
8Game 2SoftballatWest Texas A&M
111:00PMBaseballvsArkansas-Fort Smith
112:00PMSoftballatUniversity of Texas of the Permian Basin
11Game 2BaseballvsArkansas-Fort Smith
11Game 2SoftballatUniversity of Texas of the Permian Basin
1212:00PMSoftballvsUniversity of Texas of the Permian Basin
121:00PMBaseballvsArkansas-Fort Smith
12Game 2SoftballvsUniversity of Texas of the Permian Basin
153:00PMSoftballatEastern New Mexico
15Game 2SoftballatEastern New Mexico
172:00PMSoftballatPanhandle State University
17Game 2SoftballatPanhandle State University
181:00PMSoftballatPanhandle State University
183:00PMBaseballatOklahoma Christian University
18Game 2SoftballatPanhandle State University
18Game 2BaseballatOklahoma Christian University
191:00PMBaseballatOklahoma Christian University
191:00PMSoftballvsUniversity of the Southwest
19Game 2SoftballvsUniversity of the Southwest
224:00PMBaseballvsEastern New MexicoLive VideoLive AudioLive Stats
251:00PMBaseballvsSouthern Nazarene UniversityLive VideoLive AudioLive Stats
25Game 2BaseballvsSouthern Nazarene UniversityLive VideoLive AudioLive Stats
261:00PMBaseballvsSouthern Nazarene UniversityLive VideoLive AudioLive Stats
22:00PMBaseballvsUniversity of Texas of the Permian BasinLive VideoLive AudioLive Stats
2Game 2BaseballvsUniversity of Texas of the Permian BasinLive VideoLive AudioLive Stats
32:00PMBaseballvsUniversity of Texas of the Permian BasinLive VideoLive AudioLive Stats